Exploring the future of outdoor sport with European Outdoor Group

Written By Luke Andrews
2 mins read

Here at Uniform we’re passionate about exploring and pushing the boundaries of technology to create innovative new uses. Through these explorations and design sprints we hope to discover solutions to societal problems, such as the engagement challenge the sports world is facing in today’s inactive screen focused world.

We recently partnered with the European Outdoor Group to produce a video in support of their “It’s Great Out There” initiative for ISPO 2017. With 60% of Europeans not getting enough exercise, it’s clear to see the reason behind pushing this initiative.  And outdoor sports have a brilliant advantage: you can start from your front door.  

Uniform believes that the shift from the pitch to the couch can be challenged by technology. Last year we explored how how Virtual Reality and the Internet of Things (IoT) can work together with Grip, the internet enabled coaching experience to promote grassroots involvement in climbing.

As we move into a future driven by machine learning, the way we play in the natural world will evolve. What will our relationship with outdoor sport brands of the future be? How can AI drive loyalty and build communities? Our upcoming talk at ISPO, the World’s Largest Sports Tradeshow, on 7 February @ 16:50 explores how AI can express a brand’s personality and bring the brand and consumer closer together.

In a sports world striving to create new ways to engage players, spectators and viewers, we look forward to testing the boundaries of what’s next.

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