Kids Imagine the Impossible day

Written By Richard Pay
2 mins read
The children are our future so we asked them to imagine it.
As part of The Future Agency project we invited the youngest Uniformers into our studio to imagine the homes and cities of the future.


From Toothbrushers to Fortnight Parks. Here's a glimpse inside their imagination.

When there's so much fun to be had, who has the time to brush their own teeth? The Toothbrusher brushes your teeth for you whilst you're busy dancing, trampolining or doing other important kid stuff.
Nancy, 6
Ever feel like the TV is a barrier between you and the action? So did Daniel. That's why he came up with a headset that teleports you into whatever your watching on TV. He can't wait to join Everton on the pitch.
Daniel, 6
Puppy Clock
Alarm clocks aren't great. They're a noisy indication that rest is over. However the robotic Puppy Clock wakes you up by bouncing on the bed and licking your face - starting your day on a high.
Mirabelle, 7
Fortnite Park
Forget parks being a place of tranquility. We're going to be transforming green spaces into Fortnite battlegrounds using augmented reality. Bringing shooting, building and dancing into your local park. 
Jim, 11
Roller Coaster Stations
Cars, buses, trains. Yawn. Dylan is going to be catching rollercoasters to his meetings in the future.
Dylan, 13
That's just a snapshot of the fifty ideas the little Uniformers came up with.
Now it's up to the grown-ups to realise their dreams. 
Over the coming weeks we'll be using their ideas to visualise and create the future of homes and cities.
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