Play to your strengths - and collaborate

Written By Michelle Ford
1 min read

In 2014 Elon Musk said “Never be afraid of collaborating” and then made all Tesla’s patents available for anyone and everyone to use. This was certainly a bold move but demonstrated a crucial shift in the way we view industry competition - that it’s time to stop competing and start collaborating.

So when the opportunity arose to travel to Copenhagen on a Study Trip with other creative business leaders I jumped at the chance. It made perfect sense to me that we should come together and inspire each other. After all who wouldn’t want to learn from experienced individuals who may have key strengths in areas that you do not?

Seemingly our hosts in Copenhagen also agreed. They were welcoming, open and honest about their successes (and failures) and it was a relief to realise that businesses you respect, are actually facing similar challenges.

Our cohort for the Copenhagen trip, made up of companies of differing sizes and disciplines, came together and listened, asked questions (laughed quite a bit) and learned new skills. The network that we have created allows us to continue to motivate and educate one another, and ultimately will help to develop a collaboration economy in Liverpool and beyond.

My experience in Copenhagen with this group of 16 great people served to validate that we can learn so much from each other, which enhances our creativity, without competition ever being a factor.

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