Return of a Legend: Reinventing the Mitre Delta

2 mins read

"I saved up my pocket-money so I could buy it and be one of the cool kids at the park."

"I went home with thighs covered in bruises."

"I was there when David Beckham scored the legendary free kick against Greece."

From the moment this project kicked off, memories were passed between the entire team. For some of us it was who we were when we played. For others, it was the pure love of the game. But for all of us, it was memories of the times we loved. So re-inventing and relaunching the revered Mitre Delta after a hiatus spanning decades was a task we didn’t take lightly.

This was a project that could piss off a lot of fans if not approached respectfully.

We knew this because we’re them. To us, Mitre’s history was personal. But as designers, we knew that we couldn’t dwell on the past as that wouldn’t take the brand anywhere. We had to design a football to stand centre forward, look to the future and reinvigorate a new generation of consumer.

Mitre Sports International are well accustomed to moving forward. Over an 18 month product development process their innovative technology helped them to create the roundest, most accurate, controlled and powerful product of their 200 year legacy.

As always we started with an idea. Something that pushes forward, has beauty in motion, with unfathomable accuracy, a force to be reckoned with - a swarm. We used this to surround the Delta chevrons (>) and brought it to life through motion to communicate the unique benefits of the football.

As important as it is to create a design for contemporary times it wouldn’t be right to dismiss the historic Delta formation and so we incorporated a hidden Delta within the swarm, as a homage to the previous design, the nostalgic moments, our stories and our youth.

As full time is called on this project we can’t wait to see the reactions, the games and the history that the new Mitre Delta will make across the English Football League and Scottish Professional Football League next season. 

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