Talking tech at LFC - a Liverpool Girl Geeks event

Written By Dennis Foster
2 mins read

We were recently invited by Liverpool Girl Geeks to one of their final events of the year - A celebration of technology, diversity, and inclusion in sport run in partnership with Liverpool Football Club (LFC).  The speakers included women who work in technical roles within the club’s TV and media division; LFCTV, and a keynote from LFC's CEO Peter Moore.

When we arrived, we were delighted to find a warm and friendly packed-out room full of techy people from companies across the city. After a little schmoozing, we were treated to a tour of the television studio and media creation facilities that Liverpool Football Club use to create content that engages millions of people across the world.

Peter Moore’s keynote began with an overview on his journey from a sports gear salesman all the way to the lofty heights of executive positions in several video games companies including SEGA, Electronic Arts, and Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business division. He went on to deliver several insights into how the club leverages technology to create engaging content for its large and diverse fan base.

The floor was then opened up for a Q&A with Peter and three of LFC’s female technical staff: Laura, Jade, and Laura C. The conversation touched on a wide range of topics including gender diversity in the tech industry, emerging technologies like virtual reality and esports markets, and possible techniques to combat unconscious gender bias during the hiring process. From an HR perspective, Laura C discussed removing all identifying information from CV’s and essentially distilling it down to just skills and experience to ensure fairness in the first stage of hiring. Laura shared her experiences working in a hands-on technical capacity as a camera operator. And Jade went into detail about the club’s huge social media audience and the challenges they face when engaging millions of people from different cultures and creeds.

The time flew by, and before long we found ourselves shuffling out of the building having thoroughly enjoyed the event and each of its speakers. We were thrilled with the announcement that LFC has joined the Liverpool Girl Geeks member ranks - looking forward to supporting diversity and inclusion with them and our fellow members in the year ahead.

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