Where do you sit on the Creative Carousel?

Written By Richard Pay and Jon Formento
2 mins read

One Day Challenge
Every month we give two of our team members one day to combine their interests and skills to create something new. A fast paced challenge that gives total freedom to explore, experiment and discover.


Where do you sit on the Creative Carousel?
Round and round it goes. Where it stops, only you know.

When we started this One Day Challenge we thought the resulting piece was going to be about pushing creativity further. That if you use the same tools in different ways you can create something more interesting, more unique, more ‘creative’.

However as the day went on we realised that each section has its own place.
The visual began to represent a sliding scale of creativity.
From grounded, to unexpected, to something completely new.

‘Creative’ is a word with many meanings.
And we don’t always use it with clarity.
A sliding scale can help us to pinpoint what we mean, what we need, where we could be.

But, no matter where that is we’ve got to be distinct.
And we’ve got to be meaningful.

Distinction makes us recognisable.
Meaning gives us intention.

Together that creates something that people remember and believe.

So, where does your project sit in the Creative Carousel?
If you’re willing to be distinct and meaningful.
There are no wrong answers.

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